Hospital CNA Training

In order to become a certified nursing assistant, you need to compulsorily pass the CNA certification exam. This CNA certification exam is conducted by the State Board of Nursing and is a recognized one. Before obtaining this certificate, you will have to undergo a nursing assistant training that is conducted by several health care organizations such as hospitals, nursing aids, nursing schools and many more. One such source is hospital CNA training , which is chosen by many ambitious candidates.

In order to acquire coaching from such health services you will have to fulfill the eligibility criteria that are as follows:

  • You should have obtained a high school diploma or an equivalent degree such as GED (General Education Development).
  • You should have cleared the competency tests that comprises of questions on mathematics and English.
  • You should have undergone a background check that is done to check for any criminal records existing against your name or not
  • You must also have a medical report that describes your physical health.

If you satisfy all these criterias, you can search for hospitals that offer CNA training. Some of the ways to find them are:

  • Contact the State Board of Nursing and get a list of all the hospitals offering this course
  • You can directly call the health services and ask them for the same
  • Community health colleges, sometimes have contracts with some hospitals, hence they can prove to be a good source
  • Friends, relatives and even nurses may at times can help you with it

Hospital CNA trainings are conducted by highly qualified and experienced staff. The coaching comprises of both classroom as well as practical demonstrations. The duration of such programs are longer than those conducted in nursing homes and other health care organizations. On an average, it is said that the training period comprises of around 100 hours for both practical as well as classroom training. According to the State Board of Nursing, the total number of hours that should be covered in this training is 75 hours . During this training period you will be taught many things. Some of them are given below:

  • The basic things of taking care of patients that includes checking their health from time to time, giving him the proper food and medicine suggested by the doctor, bathing him, and making him exercise.
  • Hygiene, which is an important aspect of a hospital, is one of the primary things you will learn as a CNA.
  • Though not all the duties of a doctor, but you will be taught some basic biological tests that you will have to perform in a hospital as a certified nursing assistant. Some of them include:
  1. Understanding the medical history of the patient
  2. Keeping a track of the changes that are observed in the patient
  3. Checking the temperature and the blood pressure
  4. Dressing the wounds
  • You will learn about nutrition, physiology, anatomy, and other basic biological terms in detail.
  • You will be taught some basic facts about human behavior. On certain occasions the patient may shout at you. Under such circumstances, you will have to control your temper, just avoid it and as a part of mankind you will have to serve the best for the patients. You can build good rapport with the patients so that they feel comfortable in a medical environment. The different techniques to build rapport, to calm down your anger if the patient scolds you, building friendly relations are taught in such classes.
  • You will learn about the importance and implementation of your listening skills. Patients who have different behavior may be assigned to you. They might be polite, angry or dominant by nature. In order to take care of such patients, you will have to listen to them first and explain them the circumstances to assuage them. As many tasks may be assigned to you in a day, you may be in an impatient state and this should be avoided.
  • Since the duration of the training is long, you will get ample of time to understand all the medical terms and CNA responsibilities in detail.
  • There are many patients who visit hospitals everyday and they suffer from several diseases and pursue various disorders. So if you get trained in such an environment you will become familiar with most of the illnesses and will learn ways to take care of such patients practically but under the observation of a nursing staff.

There are many reasons for people choosing hospital CNA training: Some of the benefits of hospital CNA training are given below:

  • If you pursue nursing assistant coaching from hospitals, you will not have to pay any fees for the course. However, in return you will have to sign a contract with that hospital stating that you will be working in that particular health organization for a given period of time.
  • After obtaining your CNA certification, you will have a nursing assistant job, thus you will not have to search for jobs.
  • Most of the hospitals also pay the examination fees for CNA which is a point to be noted .
  • As a fresher, you will find yourself comfortable with the environment because you already had the training, which has made you accustomed to the medical atmosphere. Thus, you will concentrate more on your work instead of spending time in adjusting to the new environment.
  • Hence, working in a hospital is the biggest step of success in the field of nursing because in a hospital you can get opportunities to take care of several patients with many disorders.

As so many benefits are available in hospital CNA training, students are attracted more towards this. It proves to be advantageous in teaching factors, from practical demonstration point of view and is essential from the point of job finding factor. Hospital CNA trainings are approved by the State Board of Nursing, hence it is safe mode of obtaining CNA training.

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